Benefits of Membership

The aim of the platform is for chambers to add value to their members

  • by enhancing the exposure of the member’s business.
  • To equip members with a holistic online marketing tool for the communicating, promoting and monitoring of their marketing efforts on a business-to-customer and business-to-business basis.
  • Finally, to encourage member participation in current affairs that are relevant to their immediate business communities in which they serve.

The platform rests on three pillars that drive marketing and communication within the following relationships:

  • Member-to-Member (M2M),
  • Chamber-to-Member(C2M) and
  • Member-to-Member nationally within the AHI.

Benefits to Members

The benefits for chamber members joining are best viewed from two interchangeable view points. Members are exposed to both Public and Secure audience groups and the following benefits include:

Business Directory Listings

Members are listed on the business directory by main and sub-category groupings. Locating a member by business category allows for easy locating of specific businesses.
Business Category Listings

Members are also able to associate their business with multiple business groupings to maximise their exposure when searched for by a visitor to the website.

Member Profile Page

Members are able to create and maintain their own profile page showcasing their businesses by providing their company logo, product images as well as their own content. The member profile page allows the member to:

  • receive inquiries and monitor number and status of queries received,
  • link visitors directly to the member’s official website,
  • be informed about how many profile views they received,
  • be informed about how many clicks to the member’s website were made.

Quotation Manager

Members are able to receive a quote request from the public and fellow members utilising the Quotation Manager feature. All quotation traffic is automatically monitored by the chamber and statistics are available to members.


Members may subscribe to receiving a newsletter on a 2 weekly basis. The newsletter keeps members informed about what the chamber has been involved with over a two-week period. In addition to news regarding chamber activities, the newsletter also lists the top promotions, newly joined members, top articles and forthcoming events. A comprehensive summary at best.

Members are able to publish their own promotions (advertisements) having the option for the promotion to be visible to either public or secure visitors or both. In addition to promotional content and images, the member is also able to upload supporting documentation, trade specifications, etc. The member’s promotions page also allows for the receiving of inquiries and provides a direct link to the member’s official website.


Members are able to initiate or participate in projects published on the chamber website. Individual member profiles can then be linked to participating members.

Members are able to publish events of interest (via the chamber) by having their profiles linked to their member page.


Published articles also allow for member profiles to be linked to that particular article.

Expert Desk

The Expert Desk allows members additional exposure should they nominate themselves to be part of their chamber’s Expert Desk. Members on the Expert Desk place themselves in a ‘trust’ relationship with their chamber as being endorsed by the chamber.

Photo Gallery

Members are able to upload images relating to an event onto the gallery. The member is able to provide comments to the images and establish a link to the member’s profile page.
Choice of Target Audience

Members have a choice to publish an Article, Promotion, Event and News Article to either only the Public domain or exclusively to the Secure domain. This allows for alternative communication to both target groups.
Direct Member-To-Member Communications

Members are able to communicate with the greatest of ease with other members. The member’s identity is already known within the secure environment and therefore provides for safe and effective interaction between members.