Why Join

Why join

We live in exciting and very challenging times. Business communities now more that ever have to face up to the economical and cultural diversities present in our country. No longer can we be relaxed and think that business will automatically be walking through our doors. Having the staying power to still be in business goes a long way to say that we are determined to succeed.

Our business environment is dependent on various components that all have to be integrated to make the wheels of industry turn, small or large. Linking with local municipalities and the sourcing reliable suppliers have become important factors in the way we do business. The need to connect with other business groups and being forced to explore new non-traditional avenues will ensure that we have markets to sell to in future.
A Chamber of Commerce and Industry or Business Forum provides the means for your business to be re-integrated into your local business communities. They act as an intermediate between the business sector, local government bodies and municipalities. Information flows into and out of your business that allows you to react to opportunities otherwise hidden to you. Business initiatives are designed to assist members in trading on a local and national platform having direct access to industry experts that are able to act as facilitators in gagging new markets decisively.
How to join
There are two option available to you. You may choose to join as a Member or as a Free Listed Member.
Joining as a Member.
  • Download an Application Form.
  • Complete and sign the Application Form.
  • Pay your annual membership fees.
  • Activate your approved Member Account online.
  • Update your Member Profile page.
  • That’s it.
Chamber Members
Members have their own private environment where they log on as secure members. Members enjoy all the benefits and features as subscribing members. These benefits extends that what is offered online only. Members partake in networking sessions, product launches, promotional events, golf days, conferences, workshops, public debates and various business and community projects/charities.
Joining as a Free Listed Member
  • On the main page, locate the “Join as Free Member” link.
  • Register as a Free Member online.
  • Activate your Free Member Account.
  • Update your Business Details.
  • You’re listed.
Free Listed Member
Free Listed Members are not subject to any cost. They are afforded an opportunity to list their company name, contact details, category of business on the platform database. This goes a long way for local business in generating a business directory that accurately list all businesses in that town/city. The most obvious benefit is that when a site visitor or Member seeks to find a supplier on our website, the Free Listed members is also included in the results from that search. This means that Free members have the opportunity to be contacted to provide a quotation or to furbish further information about their business.